About us

In 2014 we opened our first gym, using the traditional blackboard with chalk to write each new program for each daily session. It worked, but it took substantial time and effort.
In 2016 we took a huge leap in technology progressing to fully fledged whiteboards on wheels. This saved us time with cleaning, looked a bit fancier and sped up the process of writing up sessions. Again, it worked but the time, effort and risk of a random smear wasn’t great.
In 2018 we moved the gym into an even bigger space, it was now time to really evolve as a business and showcase our programs on a big screen. We searched far and wide on the internet for a software that could not only showcase our unique programs but allow us to brand it how we wanted, reflecting our style, colours and helping us maintain a professional image.
Nothing was out there, besides using powerpoint display (for every single program),then chrome cast it. Too much clunkiness, too much wasted time and no database to store all our programs.
So we decided to build a program that would allow us to create programs online, store them, then quickly display it on a screen or multiple screens with a touch of the button. An inbuilt timer reduces extra tech and screens to run a simple session.

TCPRO was officially launched.

We understand that every boutique gym/studio has a different style, their own language, colours, logos and want to look the part. We get it. So this software is totally customisable. It will save you time and effort while looking professional and consistent with your brand. Several templates are included for you to format as your own and hit the ground running.

We have made it simple, user friendly and efficient so you can spend all that extratime building your business.

Total Custom Programming